Storex pioneered in Portugal in 1996 the concept of self-storage that was widely used in the United States and Canada since 1945. There are more than 500 rental units ranging from 11 to 110 m3 (3 to 30 m2 or 30 to 300 sq feet). You can store your materials in an economical and secure way for a short or a long period of time.

Access 24 hours a day 7 days a week, totally enclosed units, and the fact that only the client has the key to the padlock that opens his unit, grants convenience, security and privacy. A video surveillance system, the electronic control of accesses to the storage location and an insurance policy up to 2,000 euros per claim brings peace of mind to the client.

Rental prices start at 65 euros/month for a 11 m3 unit.

To contact us use the numbers shown at each location or

Mobile phone
Alcântara 91 996 6657
Matinha 91 967 8945
Benfica 91 872 5878
Morais Soares 91 873 1958
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