• What are the storage units?
  • What is the size of the storage units?

    They vary between 11 and 110 m3 (3 to 30 m2 or 30 to 300 sq feet). Most of the units are between 11 and 45 m3 (3 to 10 m2 or 30 to 100 sq feet). The height depends on the Storex location but varies between 3,50 and 4,50 meters (12 and 15 feet).

  • How many units do you have?

    More than 500 units distributed among 5 Lisbon locations. One each in Benfica, Morais Soares and Figo Maduro and two in Matinha

  • What type of parking is available?

    In Benfica, Morais Soares and Alcântara the vehicles can be parked inside the property premises. In Matinha there is a exterior private parking unit reserved for Storex clients. Please note the parking is only available to load/unload client's goods. Long term parking or overnight parking is not permitted.

  • What is the size of the unit I need?

    Use the calculator to have an idea of the volume you need. For better information please contact our managers. They have extensive experience on this matter. Our storage units possess above average height therefore you can rent a unit with much smaller floor area if you can pile up your storage materials.

  • What is the monthly rent of each unit?

    Please call a Storex location and ask the manager for a proposal. Or if you already know what you need send us an e-mail to mail@storex.pt

  • What type of materials can I store?

    Toxic, flammable or explosive substances are prohibited as is the storage of live animals. Additionally, high value objects such as silverware or jewellery etc. are not covered by the insurance.

  • Can I work in the storage units?

    It is possible depending on the type of work. The units are only equipped with lighting and do not have electric power supply. You can ask the manager to install an electric outlet if the power you need is low. In some cases we have had small industries that require a lot of power. In these cases we install a meter and the client pays for the electricity he uses.

  • Can I stay in the units overnight?

    Absolutely not.

  • What is the minimum and maximum rental time?

    Minimum - 1 month. Maximum - Unlimited

  • When can I have access to my unit?

    Always. 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

  • How do I access my unit?

    When you sign the contract the manager supplies you with an electronic card to open the door of the location. To get access to your unit you use the padlock key.

  • Can I have more than one electronic card?


  • Who has the key to my unit?

    Only you. The unit is locked with a padlock supplied by the client. Storex never has a key to the padlock.

  • What type of documents must I provide to sign the contract?

    Individuals – Identity Card, passport or driver's license and Fiscal Number ID or citizen's card

    Companies – Identity Card, passport or driver's license and Fiscal Number ID or citizen's card of a company signing officer. Fiscal Number ID of the company

  • What type of contracts exist?

    Individuals - Commercial renting agreement with a limited time span according to paragraph 5 no. 2 E of Decreto Lei no. 321-B/90 of October 15th relative to renting of storage units (this is the legal text but in reality it is the usual renting agreement). Rental charges due under these contracts are exempt from VAT.

    Companies - Agreement for the use of a storage unit. In this agreement Storex is providing the client with a service therefore rental charges are subject to VAT. However companies can claim the VAT amount paid.

  • Are Contracts long and complicated full of clauses written in a small typeface which nobody reads awarding Storex full rights and Client the bulk of obligations

    No. It is a single clearly stated A4 sheet splitting responsibilities evenly between each contracting party: Storex and the Client

  • How much do I have to pay when I sign the contract?

    The client will be invoiced with the days remaining to the end of the current month (if less than 3 days to this date then the next month will also be invoiced). As well a last month security deposit will be added to this value. This value will be returned at the end of the contract.

  • How do I pay the monthly rental fee?

    The easiest way is via a bank transfer to Storex account on Millennium BCP. You do not need to come to our locations. But you can pay by cash, Multibanco (ATM) or cheque. If paying by cheque you must write two parallel lines across the cheque so the cheque cannot be cashed and must be deposited into an account (cheque cruzado)

  • How do I cancel a contract?

    Just call, write or e-mail your Storex manager 30 days in advance. No need for registered letters or delivery receipts from the Post Office.

  • How do I get my last month security deposit back?

    If you give us notice more than 30 days in advance we deduct if from your last invoice. If you give us notice prior to the 10th of your last month of occupancy we will refund the security deposit in full. If you give us notice between the 11th and the 20th we will refund half of the security deposit. If you give us notice after the 20th you will not be entitled to any refund but you can occupy your unit during the next month as the cost has already been covered.

    The value of the refund will be paid to you by cheque generally up to 5 days after the end of the month

  • Can I change my mind and continue using the storage unit after the end of the month?

    Yes, if the storage unit has not already been rented out.

  • Can I move to another storage unit?

    Sure. At any moment in the same or another location.

  • Can I reserve a storage unit for a future contract?

    Generally no. Units are rented on a first come first served basis. As an exception we can issue a contract starting at a future date (a few days only in the future) if the invoice is paid when the contract is signed.

  • What type of security exists at the locations?

    Access is controlled by an electronic card. Every entry is recorded and processed by our computer system. Storage units are totally enclosed and locked up with a padlock supplied by the client. A video recording system detects and records every movement in the location. These recording can be checked at any moment by our managers either locally or remote via the Internet.

  • What type of insurance does the contract offer?

    Each storage unit is covered for up to €2000 per claim by a multi-risk insurance as per a contractual agreement between Storex and a major Insurance Company. Warning - there are some deductibles depending on the type of risk. A copy of the insurance policy exists at the office for your perusal.

    If the client finds the maximum value per claim is not enough, he/she can request additional insurance coverage to the same insurance company and can benefit from Storex ́s favourable rates. The storage manager will give you all the information required.

  • Can Storex take care of the moving?

    No. But we can give you a list of movers who have done this type of job for our clients before, with their full satisfaction.

  • Do you have lighting and bathrooms?

    Each storage unit is equipped with lighting which is controlled by the client. Each location has one or two client bathrooms. The cost of electricity and water is paid by Storex

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